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Nine Perfect Strangers Community

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A stranger’s just a friend you haven’t met, right? That’s especially true of the guests at Tranquillum House. These nine people might start off as perfect strangers but, by the end of the story, they know each other very intimately. They form friendships and bonds that will last years beyond their 10-day retreat. Hey, being imprisoned against your will has that effect on a group of people.

Questions About Community

  1. How does Masha’s view on community differ from those of her guests? 
  2. Why do you think the guests at Tranquillum House stay so civil to each other during their captivity? Do you think a longer hostage period would have weakened their bonds? 
  3. What does this book tell you about the importance different countries place on community and connection? Russia? Australia? America?

Chew on This

During the silence, the nine guests make many incorrect judgments about each other. Once the silence breaks, they’re able to talk and open up to each other with empathy and understanding.

Masha intends for the trial in the yoga studio to transform her guests as individuals, but it’s the connections they make there that actually change them.

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