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Nine Perfect Strangers Power

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They say power corrupts. But what if you’re already shady as heck before you even get your hands on authority? In this story, Masha is the character with the most control. She’s also the one who’s willing to do just about anything to increase her influence and prestige. Whether she’s working in fast-moving consumer goods or designing her own health retreats, Masha is determined to be the best. She will crush the competition and provide superior results. And if she has to drug her guests without their consent and pretend to murder them, hey, it’s all in the name of total wellness dominance.

Questions About Power

  1. Do you think the death of Masha's son has anything to do with her need for control?
  2. Masha acts first and asks permission later. Do you think this strategy works out for her in the end?
  3. Which of the guests is most willing to bend to Masha's authority? Which is least willing?

Chew on This

Yao is so attracted to Masha's power plays because he is terrified of making mistakes. She gives him permission to feel powerful. 

Masha is driven to be the best at everything she does. This is because she believes she "failed" at being a mother by allowing her son to die while she was home with him.

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