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Nine Perfect Strangers Transformation

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Masha tells her guests that “Nothing is forever except change.” She may be quasi-homicidal, but the woman has a point. The staff at Tranquillum House set out to transform the live of the nine guests staying there during the 10-day retreat. Boy, do they succeed. By the end of the story, everyone is truly changed by their experience. Masha may have strange methods (that are also illegal and immoral), but you can’t say she doesn’t get results.

Questions About Transformation

  1. Why isn’t Masha satisfied with changing her guests’ lives for a month? A year? Why is she aiming for something more? 
  2. Winning the lottery has transformed Ben and Jessica's life for the worse. Do you think this is the case with most lottery winners? 
  3. Why are certain characters—like Yao and Carmel—more open to the experience of transformation, while other characters—like Lars and Delilah—naturally more wary of it.

Chew on This

Napoleon is skeptical of the transformation that comes out of suffering because of the changes he experienced in his family after the tragic death of his son.

Masha attributes her transformation to her near-death experience, but she has experienced many transformations. First, her journey to Australia. Next, the death of her son. And finally, her breakdown at Tranquillum House.

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