Study Guide

No Country for Old Men Chapter V

By Cormac McCarthy

Chapter V

  • Bell thinks about the truth and how it's incorruptible.
  • Bell also thinks about how important community is. He illustrates this point with a story about a couple in California who would rent out a room to old people, kill them, and cash their social security checks.
  • "They'd torture em first" (5.1.3), Bell remembers.
  • And Bell recalls that the neighbors called the cops when they saw a man in a dog collar.
  • "All that hollerin and diggin in the yard didnt bring it" (5.1.4). Imagine that.
  • Bell drives to Odessa to find Llewelyn, but he finds Llewelyn's wife instead.
  • Bell and Llewelyn's wife go to the Sunshine Café to have coffee and talk.
  • It's not a very productive conversation. Even if she knew where Llewelyn was, his wife wouldn't tell Bell.
  • That night, Bell gets a call from another sheriff in Eagle Pass, where the shootout from the night before took place.
  • Bell and the Eagle Pass sheriff examine the place, amazed at all the carnage.
  • Bell drives back home and talks to his wife about crime. The two of them wonder where Llewelyn is, and if he's even still alive.
  • Now we're in an office in Houston, and some guy named Wells is trying to learn about "the invincible Mr Chigurh" (5.3.24), a man more dangerous than Mario with a Super Star.
  • Well is hired by an unnamed man (someone behind this crazy drug-running scheme) to find Chigurh and get the money back.
  • Wells goes to check out the hotel across the street. He examines Chigurh's room and Llewelyn's room.
  • Then, before you know it, Wells is by Llewelyn's bedside in a hospital in Mexico. He introduces himself as Carson Wells and tells Llewelyn all about the evil man chasing him.
  • Wells tells Llewelyn that Chigurh found him because of there's a transponder hidden in the cash.
  • Speaking of that cash… where is it?
  • Llewelyn won't tell.
  • Wells obviously wants Llewelyn to get it back, since he'd "rather deal with [him] than with this sugar guy" (5.3.253).
  • Wells gives Llewelyn his card, saying he can arrange for him to even have a cut of the cash. He also tells Llewelyn to call his wife. "When I talked to her she sounded pretty worried" (5.3.297).
  • Yikes, all these folks are scary.