Study Guide

No Country for Old Men Chapter X

By Cormac McCarthy

Chapter X

  • Bell believes that "whatever you do in your life it will get back to you" (10.1.1).
  • Bell's clearly hoping for some karmic revenge to be unleashed on Chigurh; he can't understand why Chigurh would kill Carla Jean.
  • Bell is telephoned by the Odessa police. They have a lead in the murder of Carla Jean Moss: it seems they found one of the teens Chigurh bought a T-shirt from. The teens he swore to secrecy.
  • Bell interrogates the kid, but he isn't very forthcoming with information.
  • The kid eventually gives a very vague description: "He looked like anybody" (10.2.97).
  • Well, that was a bust.