Study Guide

No Exit Characters

By Jean-Paul Sartre

Joseph Garcin

Before he died, Joseph Garcin was "a journalist and man of letters by profession" (70). We know...

Inez Serrano

A self-proclaimed sadist, Inez is one tough cookie. She believes that each person should be out...

Estelle Rigault

Estelle Rigault is a young society woman from Paris. Orphaned as a teen, she married a rich older...

The Valet

The valet leads the three characters into hell. His uncle is the head valet. His eyelids are...

The valet’s uncle

The valet's uncle is the head valet in hell.

Garcin’s Wife

She's "a born martyr," according to Garcin. She dies shortly after she gets the news about her...


Gomez is one of Garcin’s colleagues at the newspaper office back on earth. Garcin is very...


Florence is the wife of Inez’s cousin, and potentially Inez’s lover on earth.

Inez’s Cousin

Inez's cousin is Florence’s husband. He was killed by a tram.


Peter is a young man in love with Estelle; from hell, Estelle watches Olga hit on him.


Roger is Estelle’s young lover and the father of her daughter. He "danced the tango...

Estelle’s Husband

Estelle's husband is a rich and older man.


Olga is Estelle’s "bosom friend" who doesn’t cry at the funeral. She tries to get...