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Northanger Abbey Chapter 29

By Jane Austen

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Chapter 29

  • Catherine cries until she gets beyond Woodston and thinks of Henry.
  • Catherine anxiously tries to figure out why the General threw her out of his house and wonders about Henry and Eleanor. She spends the entire trip home fretting and worrying herself sick.
  • The journey passes without incident.
  • The narrator breaks in to ironically note that Catherine the heroine isn't returning home triumphant, but is rather arriving in disgrace.
  • Catherine's family is surprised but thrilled to see her back in Fullerton.
  • Her youngest siblings, George and Harriet, are particularly happy that Catherine is home.
  • Catherine reluctantly explains what happened. Her family is sympathetic but no one flies off the handle here.
  • Her parents conclude that General Tilney is very strange. Indeed.
  • Her sister Sarah says it's not surprising he threw Catherine out, but wonders why he didn't do it with more politeness.
  • Mama Morland sends Catherine to bed and is concerned the next day when Catherine is still agitated and distracted.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Morland don't suspect that their daughter has fallen in love with Henry and is love sick right now.
  • Catherine has a hard time writing her letter to Eleanor. She doesn't know how to express her gratitude properly, so she settles for a brief, polite note. She also sends money to Eleanor to pay her back for the loan.
  • Mrs. Morland helpfully notes that Catherine has had terrible luck making new friends and keeping them lately. She says James is still bummed but he's learned a lesson at least.
  • Catherine is upset at the prospect of never seeing the Tilneys again.
  • She and her mom go to call on the Allens. Catherine thinks about how much has changed since she last visited their house.
  • The Allens are glad to see Catherine and agree that the General is very strange. That must be a euphemism for insane in Fullerton. They are indignant on Catherine's behalf.
  • Mrs. Allen reminisces about Bath and how glad she and Catherine were to meet the Thorpes there.
  • Catherine thinks of Henry the entire walk home.

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