Study Guide

Nostromo Part 1, Chapter 7

By Joseph Conrad

Part 1, Chapter 7

  • We also learn more about the Goulds' travels in collecting labor and preparing the mine to open, and particularly Mrs. Gould's reactions and reception on these trips.
  • We then get a peek into the political wheelings and dealings that make the mine possible. Charles met with a Sulaco political chief (referred to as "Excellency," which is fancy-shmancy) and bribed him, apparently. "Excellency" was all smiles upon getting the money, to Charles's face, but then privately thought about how much he didn't like Gould.
  • The chapter also talks about Moraga and his role as the San Tomé mine's agent, and Bonifacio, a muleteer (a dude who drives mules) who was entrusted with bringing Moraga's letters to his uncle, Don José Avellanos.