Study Guide

Nostromo Part 3, Chapter 11

By Joseph Conrad

Part 3, Chapter 11

  • Now we're with the doctor, who is coming off a stint of housesitting for the Goulds while they are gallivanting around the world. He goes to greet their boat and sees them home.
  • They have lunch, and then he and Mrs. Gould chat for a while about the past.
  • They discuss Father Corbelán, who has become Cardinal-Archbishop of Sulaco, and the influx of Protestants that Holroyd's foundation has brought to Costaguana.
  • The doctor warns Mrs. Gould that people will eventually grow to resent the mine and its power as much as they had resented the political injustices that they recently fought against. This prospect naturally upsets Mrs. Gould.
  • So, he tries to change the subject, saying he wants to talk to her about Nostromo, anyway. So, we get details about some recent goings-on with our favorite former sailor.
  • Nostromo had returned from one of his recent business trips to discover that they were building a lighthouse on the Great Isabel. The doctor recalled that, upon hearing that news, Nostromo had suggested to Mitchell (as the O.S.N. was in charge of this project) that Viola be the caretaker.
  • Apparently, the Violas jumped at this opportunity, since they wanted to get the younger Viola daughter, Giselle, away from a guy named Ramírez who had been paying her a lot of attention.
  • Ramírez was forbidden from going to the island, but while looking over there one night, all lovesick for Giselle, he saw Nostromo prowling around long after Viola permitted visitors on the island. He confronted Linda (the older sister—and the one who expected to marry Nostromo someday) with his suspicions. He then disappeared from town.
  • Hearing this, Mrs. Gould resolved to talk to Nostromo and advise him to marry Linda immediately to put a stop to gossip like that.