Study Guide

Nostromo Part 3, Chapter 12

By Joseph Conrad

Part 3, Chapter 12

  • Now we're back with Nostromo, and the narration explains that he has definitely been visiting the Great Isabel a lot, to slowly spirit away that silver supply.
  • The narrator also notes in passing that Nostromo has developed a preference for Giselle, the younger Viola sister, rather than Linda, the one he was originally supposed to marry.
  • Although we've already heard the doctor's version of this story, the narration describes Nostromo's reaction upon seeing they were building the lighthouse and the thought process that went into his suggestion that Giorgio become the caretaker of the lighthouse.
  • Then, we learn about the evening Nostromo goes to ask Viola for one of his daughters. He had intended to ask for Giselle, but somehow ended up asking for Linda's hand. Viola and Linda were thrilled.
  • However, when they were alone, Nostromo ended up admitting to Giselle that he favored her. In the process, he alerted her to the silver's existence (and the fact that he's a thief), but not its location. Wow. Love makes you do idiotic things, huh?