Study Guide

Nostromo Part 3, Chapter 13

By Joseph Conrad

Part 3, Chapter 13

  • Nostromo and Giselle become secret lovers from that point on. This extra bit of subterfuge seems to suit Nostromo just fine, since he is sneaking onto the island late anyway to take silver away from his hiding place.
  • One day, he arrives on the island and hears from Giselle that Viola and Linda have been discussing Ramírez again.
  • While they are making smoochy eyes/talk at each other, Linda comes out apparently looking pretty ragged. Nostromo asks if she was sick, and she basically replies that she is just getting old waiting for him to actually marry her.
  • Then the narration dips a bit into Linda's mind, and we get her perspective on Ramírez's accusations regarding her sister and Nostromo. She believes them.
  • Meanwhile, Giorgio has been on hyper-alert for Ramírez, sure he was going to visit the island in secret to see Giselle. So, when he saw a figure skulking around the island, he shoots at it. But oops—it is Nostromo, not Ramírez.
  • Then the narration zooms over to Sulaco proper, where Dr. Monygham visits Mrs. Gould to let her know that Nostromo has been shot. Nostromo has asked to see her, so the doctor brought Mrs. Gould to him. The doctor is sure Nostromo has something to tell her about the silver.
  • When she and Nostromo talk alone, the subject of the silver comes up quickly. Mrs. Gould asks about what had actually happened to Martin, and Nostromo is insulted that Mrs. Gould seems to think Nostromo had something to do with Martin's death.
  • Nostromo then asks Mrs. Gould if she wants to know where the silver is. She said no, as she has never been a big fan of the silver or the behavior it inspires in others.
  • Afterwards, the doctor asks Mrs. Gould what Nostromo had said, and she says "Nothing."
  • Nostromo then dies, and the doctor rows out to the Great Isabel to tell the Violas.