Study Guide

Nostromo Part 3, Chapter 2

By Joseph Conrad

Part 3, Chapter 2

  • This chapter starts off with Captain Mitchell's memories of that night.
  • After the lighter's departure, Mitchell prowled around and kept an eye out for the arrival of the steamer. Eventually, he heard the steamer arriving and saw Sotillo and his men disembark. Soon after, the men discovered him and took him prisoner in the Custom House.
  • We then learn a bit more about how Hirsch's garbled account of events have influenced Sotillo's strategy in hunting for the silver (after he found the Custom House empty).
  • Then, the narrator provides details of an encounter between Mitchell and Sotillo after the former is captured. Sotillo initially tries the strategy of being friendly to try to get Mitchell's help/allegiance, but that dream ends quickly when Mitchell realized Sotillo's men steal his watch and got all angry and threatening. Mitchell is then tied up and interrogated about the silver.
  • Mitchell doesn't give him any information, and they take him away to lock him up. On his way down to his "cell," he encounters the chief engineer, Doctor Monygham, and Viola on their way up, having also been brought in for questioning.
  • Later, the doctor is thrown into the same cell with Mitchell, and they discuss these recent developments with Sotillo and his quest for the silver. Also, the doctor relays news of Teresa's final moments and death.
  • Then, the doctor tells Mitchell about his meeting with Sotillo, when he learned (supposedly) that Nostromo has drowned. That information comes from Hirsch, who once again (in front of the doctor) gives Sotillo an account of what had happened on the water early that morning.