Study Guide

Nostromo Part 3, Chapter 7

By Joseph Conrad

Part 3, Chapter 7

  • Back in Sulaco, Gould is meeting with Montero and refusing to play ball. Montero tries to throw titles and prestige at him to sweeten the deal, but Gould isn't having it.
  • When he returns to his house, the doctor is very relieved; he hadn't been sure Montero would let Gould come back.
  • Gould then relays the details of their meeting, including how he made clear that if anything happened to him, the mine would be destroyed.
  • They then discuss Don Pepe, guessing (correctly, as we already know) that Montero will attempt to get him on his team. They then talk strategy for how to proceed next with Montero and his folks, after which the doctor leaves.
  • Then the narration switches focus, rejoining Nostromo, who is just waking up from his 14-hour nap in the abandoned fort…