Study Guide

Number the Stars Chapter 11

By Lois Lowry

Chapter 11

Will We See You Again Soon, Peter?

  • Annemarie and Ellen are surprised to discover that the coffin holds clothes and linens, not a person. But the adults seem to have expected this. (Adults always seem to know what's up, don't they?)
  • Peter takes charge and hands out all the clothes, giving some to each visitor. The clothes are mismatched—definitely not what you'd call high fashion—but no one seems to care. We get why.
  • Mrs. Johansen brings out a sweater (one that Kirsti really loves) for the baby, Rachel. Peter also insists that the baby take some sort of drug so she stays asleep. Rachel's mom protests, but she's overruled. 
  • Peter also deals out the linens until the coffin is empty, and Mrs. Johansen give everyone some snacks. 
  • Then Annemarie eavesdrops on a secret conversation between Peter and Mrs. Johansen. Here's what goes down: Peter hands Ellen's father a small object and gives him the task of taking it to Henrik. He says it's absolutely vital that it get to him. Ellen's father takes it, no questions.
  • Peter, still taking charge, splits the group into two. He says he will take first three people to wherever Henrik is, and that Mrs. Johansen will follow with the Rosens after waiting a while.
  • Peter then says goodbye to Annemarie—the parting seems extra meaningful somehow.
  • And with that, Peter and the three visitors leave. The others stay behind. 
  • Everyone is on edge, and for good reason. When there's a noise, Mrs. Johansen goes to investigate, and luckily comes back to say it's no big deal.
  • Annemarie thinks about how the Rosens' status in the world has changed, and yet their personalities—who they are—have remained totally the same. True that.
  • She also figures out what's about to happen to the people her family is helping: they are fleeing the country for Sweden, and Henrik is getting them there.