Study Guide

Number the Stars Chapter 17

By Lois Lowry

Chapter 17

All This Long Time

  • Fast forward to after World War II has ended—a pretty big jump in time. In the previous chapter, Annemarie was 10. Now she's 12 and Kirsti is 7.
  • With Kirsti and their parents, Annemarie joins the rest of the community in solemnly celebrating the end of the war and the new freedom of Denmark and other European countries.
  • Her family has taken care of the Rosens' belongings for them while the Rosens have been in Sweden.
  • The war has really changed them all, including Kirsti. She seems mature.
  • Annemarie remembers Peter, who was captured by the Nazis and murdered for being a Resistance fighter. (Excuse us while we grab some tissues.)
  • She thinks of a piece of writing that Peter had sent her family—he was so brave.
  • Sadly, Peter's body was buried at the place where he was killed, which was against his wishes.
  • Peter's death inspired Annemarie's parents to talk with her about her sister, Lise. They revealed that Lise was actually murdered by the Nazis—turns out, she was part of the Resistance. The Nazis had stormed a Resistance gathering, and in all the chaos, Lise was killed and Peter was wounded. 
  • Annemarie thinks of her sister and then goes to the box where her sister's trousseau is still kept. She removes the Star of David that belonged to Ellen—that's where she had hidden it two years before. 
  • Annemarie asks her father to repair the necklace and commits to "wear it [her]self" (17.26) in honor of Ellen. And of course, she promises to give it back to Ellen when they meet again.