Study Guide

Number the Stars Chapter 7

By Lois Lowry

Chapter 7

The House by the Sea

  • Annemarie and Ellen are outside by Henrik's house, talking about how great it is to be out in nature. We're totally on board with that sentiment, especially if there's a book nearby.
  • The girls go to the edge of the water and talk about the distance between them and Sweden. Everything feels new to Ellen and super-familiar to Annemarie. While they're at it, they play with a kitten they found.
  • Annemarie tells Ellen about what her uncle does, and then Mrs. Johansen calls them back in to the house. She warns the two girls that, even though they're out of the city, they still have to be really careful and stay under the radar. There's still a possibility that the Nazis will be suspicious of Ellen.
  • Mrs. Johansen has a plan to make applesauce. Sounds simple, but it's a real treat for them.
  • Later, Annemarie and Ellen get ready for bed. Annemarie reveals that she is taking care of Ellen's necklace and will give it back when it's not dangerous for Ellen to wear it anymore. But even just thinking about the necklace makes Ellen worry about her family. (This just breaks our hearts.)
  • The girls sit and listen to the murmurs of Mrs. Johansen and Henrik talking downstairs.
  • Annemarie feels strange: she's at a family home and it should be just like old times. But it's not old times—at all.