Study Guide

Remi Boncoeur in On the Road

By Jack Kerouac

Remi Boncoeur

Remi’s most interesting appearance is at the end of the text, but to get there we have to understand the whole set up in Part I. Much to do with Sal and Remi focuses around women. Sal reveals that he stole his first wife away from Remi. Sal has a thing for Remi’s new girl, but won’t get involved. Lastly, Remi and his girlfriend Lee Ann become a couple for Sal to examine. In this case, it happens to be an example of what he doesn’t want in a romantic relationship, but it’s a good exercise nonetheless.

Now to the good stuff at the end. We’ve seen that Remi gets upset seeing Sal’s crazy friends. Remi’s like the rest of the world, a world with his own problems (money, women, lies), but a world that can in no way deal with the madness of a character like Dean. So of course the homerun of conflicts is Remi vs. Dean in the final chapter of On the Road. Sal has to choose between the two, and opts for Remi. He later reveals that he didn’t enjoy making that decision whatsoever.