Study Guide

On the Road Part 3, Chapter 11

By Jack Kerouac

Part 3, Chapter 11

  • Sal talks to a boring girl who is unable to tell him what she and he and everyone want out of life. She’s only eighteen.
  • They end up in Detroit. Dean has visions of Sal covered in garbage, and Sal discusses being covered in excrement as though it doesn’t matter.
  • They get a ride to New York for four dollars each; Sal thinks about how he is like a traveling salesman, re-crossing the same towns over and over again.
  • They get home, where Sal’s aunt says Dean can stay a few days – and a few days only.
  • They go out; Sal meets a girl called Inez, and introduces Dean as a cowboy.
  • Dean and Inez get married shortly after – after Camille back in California has Dean’s second child, and after that Inez has his child, too. Looks like the Italy trip is off.