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The One and Only Ivan Chapters 119-123

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Chapters 119-123

respect, photo, leaving, good boy, moving

  • Ruby is worried that the other elephants won't like her or understand her elephant jokes, but Ivan assures her that they will welcome her into their family.
  • As for Ivan, he's a silverback, with the biological makings of a leader. He doesn't need to be liked, just respected, though he secretly worries that he hasn't had enough practice being the commanding gorilla and that he might not get the props that nature intended him to.
  • Ivan finds out that this is his last night at the Exit 8, and feels a little panicky.
  • Mack shows Ivan a picture of him as a baby, wearing a baseball bat and eating ice cream.
  • Seeing the picture touches Ivan, but reminds him that he hasn't lived the life of real gorilla.
  • Before Ruby is taken away, she tells Ivan she's scared to leave him.
  • Ivan reminds her that she is going to get a new family, and that she has many elephant jokes and stories to share with them.
  • Ivan tells Bob he's the One and Only, and gives him Not-Tag before he leaves.
  • While sedated, Ivan dreams of Tag and Stella, and that he is traveling in the belly of some great beast.

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