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The One and Only Ivan Chapters 19-26

By Katherine Applegate

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Chapters 19-26

picasso, three visitors, my visitors return, sorry, julia, drawing bob, bob and julie, mack

  • Mack brings Ivan a new yellow crayon and asks him to "earn his keep." Ugh. 
  • Even though they once had a father-son relationship, Mack treats Ivan like an employee, and his interest in him is motivated by money, which there isn't a lot of these days. 
  • Ivan spends some time thinking about yellow, and makes more art, at record speed.
  • Ivan confesses he is not fond of the children visitors who throw things at his cell—in fact, the only child he really likes is Julia, because they are both artists. 
  • Julia does her homework sitting next to Ivan's cell. When she's done she confides in him about her experiences in school, where she is often teased because of her clothes. Her family doesn't have a lot of money.
  • She likes to draw Ivan. Ivan says Julia makes him look elegant, but a bit sad.
  • Julia likes to draw Bob the dog, too. Ivan says she makes him look smart, cunning, and wistful. Bob doesn't particularly care for humans, or their scent, which explains why he won't go near them.
  • He makes an exception for Julia, the only human Bob allows to pet him.
  • Mack stops by Ivan's cell one night after closing; he's been drinking, and is quieter and more contemplative than usual.
  • George, Julia's dad, joins him and inquires about a drawing Julia is making. 
  • The two men chat about George's wife, Julia's mom, who is ill, though it's not clear from George how bad it is. 
  • Mack shows him a little compassion by handing him some money to buy Julia more crayons.

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