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The One and Only Ivan Chapters 27-28

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Chapters 27-28

not sleepy, the beetle

  • Ivan tells us that Gorillas are not complainers—instead they are dreamers, poets, philosophers, and nap takers. 
  • But Ivan is having trouble sleeping tonight, so he hits Stella up for a late night chat. 
  • Ivan is concerned about Stella, who has been limping, but Stella turns the focus back to Ivan, and helping him get back to sleep. 
  • Stella encourages him to recall pleasant memories from his past, but Ivan claims he can't remember anything.
  • Stella points out the difference between can't and won't, to which Ivan admits that he isn't really interested in remembering.
  • Stella believes that memories help tell us who we are, and that we should hold on to them. 
  • Ivan skims through his mental contacts, mostly former cage keepers, without a trace of excitement, and still can't sleep. 
  • Bob dreams of chili fries, Ivan of nothing—yet.
  • The next morning, Mack brings Ivan a black crayon, and after searching for black things to draw, Ivan finds his muse in a beetle.
  • Julia is thrilled to discover Ivan's bug rendering and shows it to Mack.

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