Study Guide

The One and Only Ivan Chapters 29-32

By Katherine Applegate

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Chapters 29-32

change, guessing, jambo, lucky

  • The animals are all very accomplished observers of humans
  • They've put two and two hundred together and figured out that a new animal is on its way to the Big Top Mall.
  • Stella tells Bob and Ivan she can hear a baby elephant crying for her mother. Ivan doesn't know whether to believe her or not, but he senses sadness in her and it looks like she must be right.
  • Stella is the resident storyteller and sage, and Ivan is partial to a little drama, so he craves Stella's tales, especially the one about Jambo.
  • Bob has never been to a zoo, so Stella explains that a zoo can be a good place where humans make amends.
  • Stella tells the story of the boy at the zoo who fell over the railing and into the gorilla enclosure. 
  • Stella also shares that though she always tells the truth, sometimes she confuses the facts.
  • Ivan and Stella tell Bob they are lucky they don't have to live in a zoo.

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