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The One and Only Ivan Chapters 44-47

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Chapters 44-47

the parking lot, ruby's story, a hit, worry

  • Business is picking up. Mack was right, adding the cute little elephant to the road sign has brought in more visitors. 
  • Ivan is starting to feel old and not so cute anymore.
  • Ruby continues to solicit elephant jokes, but Ivan is all out.
  • Perhaps it's in elephant DNA, but like Stella, Ruby turns out to be a good storyteller. 
  • She tells Bob and Ivan the story of her capture, how she lost her family and how humans saved her.
  • Bob, the cynic, doesn't believe she was saved. He doesn't trust humans at all, and thinks maybe Ruby is too naïve. 
  • Ruby challenges Bob's thinking a little, assuring him that there are good humans and bad humans. 
  • Stella's foot gets worse and even though she's too hurt to do the tricks for the afternoon show, Mack forces her to perform a minimal routine.
  • By evening she can barely walk, so Mack brings Ruby into the ring.
  • Ivan doesn't know whether to feel sorry for her or proud of her.
  • Julia brings Ivan some colored markers and paper, but Ivan is too worried about Stella's worsening health to draw anything.
  • Julia discovers just how bad things are that night when she finds Stella on her side, not breathing well. 
  • She urges her dad to call Mack and get help, but the vet isn't coming until morning.
  • Julia spends the evening by Stella's side.

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