Study Guide

The One and Only Ivan Chapters 55-60

By Katherine Applegate

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Chapters 55-60

the grunt, mud, protector, a perfect life, the end, vine

  • Finally, Ivan reveals a bit about his past. He was born in a rain forest in Central Africa and had a twin sister. He loved to chase his sister around the forest, so his parents named her Tag. 
  • The two would bounce on their dad's belly until he let out his signature grunt.
  • Ivan was a born artist, drawing pictures with mud on rocks and on his mom's back, so they named him Mud.
  • He and his twin sis Tag were the youngest of family of eight kids, and their father was the quintessential silverback gorilla—guide, teacher, and protector. 
  • As Mud, he lived the good life, spending much of his time on his mother's back.
  • This all ended the day the humans captured them and put them in a truck, though.
  • Ivan was the only survivor, and from that day on, he knew he had to let the old life die.

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