Study Guide

The One and Only Ivan Chapters 88-91

By Katherine Applegate

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Chapters 88-91

not-tag, one more thing, the seven-o'clock show, twelve

  • Ivan hides all of his paintings inside of his toy gorilla. Julia notices how much paint and paper has been used and she's impressed by Ivan's commitment to his art.
  • Mack is selling the paintings for twice as much now ($40), so he brings Ivan more paint and tells him to get to work. Ivan paints for Mack during the day, but hides the late-night work he does for Ruby's project so that Mack doesn't know what he's really up to.
  • Bob tells Ivan he's just being a temperamental artist when Ivan expresses frustration at not being done with his plan yet.
  • Julia is working on her homework one afternoon, and Ivan overhears her asking her dad how to spell a word.
  • At first, Ivan thinks gorillas are lucky that they don't have to learn how to spell out words. But then he thinks again and a light bulb goes off in his brain: Words + Spelling + Art = Problem solved.

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