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The One and Only Ivan Chapters 98-104

By Katherine Applegate

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Chapters 98-104

puzzle pieces, finally, the next morning, mad human, phone call, a star again, the ape artist

  • Julia realizes that the paintings Ivan made fit together to make a bigger picture—it's a puzzle. She and her dad start solving it...
  • In a series of paintings, Ivan has spelled out H-O-M-E, and now it's up to the humans to solve the puzzle and translate Ivan's message.
  • Julia explains to her father that since she and Ivan are fellow artists, they share a common language, which makes it easier for her figure out what he's trying to communicate. 
  • Julia's persuasive skills and determination to help Ivan pay off when she convinces her dad that what Ivan wants is a new home for Ruby, specifically the zoo, and that the two of them can support his mission by posting his message on the billboard outside.
  • George knows he could lose his job by standing up to Mack, but the thought of Ruby having the same miserable life that Stella did compels him into action.
  • Mack loses it when he sees the billboard the next morning. He's furious until a local reporter calls and asks if he can come by and take pictures of the artist who made the billboard sign, and of course the baby elephant depicted in the sign.
  • The story of the Ape Artist makes local headlines, and soon people from all over are coming to witness the genius of Ivan.
  • Mack prices his art accordingly—an Ivan now sells for $65.
  • However, nothing has changed for Ruby, so Ivan isn't feeling so proud of himself.

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