Study Guide

Ordinary People Chapter 10

By Judith Guest

Chapter 10

  • On his way to the locker room, Conrad overhears the boys talking smack about him.
  • "When you hang around with flakes […] you get flaky" (10.14). That's what passes for shade in the 1970s.
  • Lazenby defends Conrad, but Conrad is still upset, and he avoids confronting the guys. Instead, he goes to the swim coach and quits the team.
  • After school, Lazenby asks Conrad if he wants to go to a show with the guys, but Conrad declines.
  • At home, when his Dad asks how his day was, Conrad simply responds, "Okay. Fine" (10.40).
  • Then, to relieve stress, Conrad goes to his room to, er, spend some, um, intimate time with his mattress.

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