Study Guide

Ordinary People Chapter 14

By Judith Guest

Chapter 14

  • The next day, Conrad feels like an "outcast, quitter, [and] f***-up […] separated from everyone by this aching void of loneliness" (14.2).
  • Conrad should write goth poetry.
  • In therapy, Berger wants to know why Conrad hasn't tried to talk it out with his mother.
  • Conrad says he can't, because Beth will never forgive him for the suicide attempt.
  • Why? Berger asks. Conrad says it's because he ruined a lot of towels. What, were they from the Martha Stewart collection?
  • Berger suggests that it's hard for Beth to give love.
  • Berger says that Conrad isn't unlovable, but his mother gives him a different kind of love.
  • Berger tells Conrad that his mother won't change, so he's going to have to accept her as she is.
  • Easier said than done, Berger-boy.

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