Study Guide

Ordinary People Chapter 22

By Judith Guest

Chapter 22

  • Conrad attends a swim meet to see how the team is doing without him.
  • They stink, but Conrad doubts he could have kept them afloat.
  • Afterward, Conrad talks to the guys formerly known as his friends.
  • Lazenby is nice, but Stillman makes rude remarks about Conrad's car and his relationship with Jeannine.
  • Conrad punches him, breaking his nose. Nobody talks about his car that way.
  • Lazenby pulls Conrad off Stillman and drags him away.
  • Lazenby tries to make Conrad cool down, saying that he can't let Stillman's crap get to him.
  • Lazenby says he misses Buck, but Conrad says it hurts too much to be around him. It reminds him of his brother.
  • At home, Conrad worries that he will be punished for punching Stillman.
  • Conrad sits on the couch and waits for the sword to fall.