Study Guide

Ordinary People Chapter 26

By Judith Guest

Chapter 26

  • After dinner with his grandparents, Conrad hears terrible news on the radio: Karen, his friend from the hospital, killed herself.
  • Conrad goes to his room and tries to sleep, but he is haunted by bad dreams.
  • Conrad wakes in the middle of the night and goes for a walk.
  • A police car stops him, but Conrad doesn't get in trouble. The police officer just tells him to go home.
  • Conrad returns home and tries to sleep.
  • But Conrad's hit with the worst dream yet: he's dreaming of his brother drowning.
  • Conrad and his brother were on a boat together, and it seems to have tipped over.
  • Conrad hung on, like Kate Winslet, but his brother sank, like Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Conrad wakes up again and calls his therapist.
  • Berger tells Conrad to come right over to the office. He'll be there.

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