Study Guide

Ordinary People Chapter 28

By Judith Guest

Chapter 28

  • Calvin comes in third place in the golf tournament.
  • Calvin seems content with it, and he and Beth decide to celebrate with Mexican food.
  • However, when Beth suggests they take a golf vacation to Myrtle Beach, Calvin makes the big mistake of saying that Conrad might "like that," too (28.23).
  • Beth is furious that Calvin inserted their son into the conversation.
  • Beth leaves to get ready for dinner, and Calvin decides to have a drink.
  • Calvin must have had one or two (or six) margaritas too many, because he fights more with Beth when they get home.
  • Beth accuses Calvin of blaming her for Conrad's suicide attempt.
  • Beth says it was an attempt to manipulate the whole family.
  • Calvin tells Beth she is selfish, seeing things only in terms of how they affect her.
  • Calvin remembers finding Conrad in a pool of his own blood and rushing him to the hospital.
  • Conrad said he wanted to die.
  • When Jordan drowned, Conrad apologized as if it were his fault.
  • But after his own suicide attempt, Conrad never apologized.
  • Calvin realizes that what Conrad did is tearing the family apart, and he doesn't know what to do about it.