Study Guide

Ordinary People Chapter 30

By Judith Guest

Chapter 30

  • Conrad and Jeannine make beautiful music together.
  • Not a euphemism. They're playing guitar and writing down the chords.
  • But then they decide to make beautiful music together.
  • That one is a euphemism.
  • Afterward, Jeannine reveals that she was a real troublemaker before moving to town. She hung out with a group of thugs and stole things.
  • That's why Jeannine's family moved, in fact. Her parents thought her neighborhood was a bad influence on her.
  • However, Jeannine believes it's all her fault.
  • Now that she opened up, she wants Conrad to talk about his suicide attempt.
  • But Conrad says he's never really talked about it, and he doesn't want to. Mainly because he doesn't know what to say. "There aren't any answers" (30.86).

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