Study Guide

Ordinary People Chapter 6

By Judith Guest

Chapter 6

  • Beth and Calvin continue fighting about the Christmas trip.
  • Beth wants Calvin to ask Conrad if he wants to go. Calvin wants Beth to ask him herself.
  • Calvin remembers his old mentor, Arnold Bacon.
  • Bacon mentored Calvin to be the best tax attorney ever. Being a tax attorney: what all children dream of.
  • However, Bacon disapproved of law students marrying while in school. They should be married to their taxes, right?
  • When Calvin went off and got hitched, Bacon cut Calvin off and made him repay all the financial aid he had given him.
  • Calvin grieves over Bacon as if he had died. Thinking of bacon just makes us hungry.
  • Speaking of the dead, Calvin realizes that his dead son would have been nineteen today.
  • No, not Conrad. This isn't The Sixth Sense. Conrad had a brother, Jordan, a.k.a. "Buck," who died, but we don't yet know how.