Study Guide

Ordinary People Epilogue

By Judith Guest


  • Conrad visits Joe Lazenby at his house.
  • Lazenby had heard that Conrad and his dad had moved to a smaller house.
  • Conrad will be attending a different school in the fall.
  • Conrad and Lazenby catch up a bit, and Conrad teases Lazenby about his poor golf skills.
  • Conrad asks Lazenby to blow off everything he has to do that afternoon and challenge him to a game.
  • Lazenby agrees, but first, his mother insists that Conrad come in and say hello.
  • As Conrad goes toward the house, he thinks about seeing his mother when she comes home. He will tell her "Just hello, nothing important" because "it is love, imperfect and unordered, that keeps them apart, even as it holds them somehow together" (Epilogue.46).
  • The end.

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