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Our Mutual Friend Book 2, Part 8, Chapter 8

By Charles Dickens

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Book 2, Part 8, Chapter 8

In Which an Innocent Elopement Occurs

  • Now we're back with Mr. Boffin, who is chatting with Bella about Mr. Rokesmith. It seems like Mr. Rokesmith never wants to meet any company at Boffin's house except for Miss Bella Wilfer. Bella takes this to mean that Rokesmith has the hots for her.
  • One day, Rokesmith bumps into Bella in Mr. Boffin's drawing room. He takes the opportunity to ask her why she never gives him any tasks to do for her. Bella dodges the question and says she'd rather do things herself.
  • When Bella returns home, her mom is all like, "Well look who's here? If it isn't the girl who's too good for her family now that she's rich!" She doesn't really talk like that, but that's the gist of what she's saying.
  • Once she finishes with her mother and sister, Bella heads back into the street and bumps into her father. He's the one she has always loved most, since he's honest and good-natured.
  • The two of them spend the rest of the day together and get in some good bonding time. Bella feels sorry for her father for marrying such a horrible wife (Bella's mom) and having such selfish and ungrateful daughters.
  • At dinner, Bella confesses that now that she's had a taste of money, she'll never be able to go back to being poor. She has decided that when she gets married, she'll do it for money instead of love. It's a tough decision, but she knows that it's what she wants.

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