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Our Mutual Friend Book 3, Part 11, Chapter 4

By Charles Dickens

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Book 3, Part 11, Chapter 4

A Happy Return of the Day

  • It looks like Mr. and Mrs. Wilfer are celebrating their twenty-sixth wedding anniversary. But the occasion isn't all that festive because Mrs. Wilfer is a super-cold person. Mr. Wilfer tries his best to get her to say something cheerful, but she considers it beneath her to show enthusiasm of any kind.
  • During the event, Bella runs upstairs to check if Mr. Rokesmith is around. While there, she sees that he has kept a copy of the old announcement of John Harmon's death. She finds this very weird, but leaves the room untouched and heads back downstairs.
  • After dinner, Bella tells her dad about Mr. Rokesmith's declaration of love, which she rejected. Her father admits he always thought Rokesmith liked her, but Bella repeats that she thinks it's beneath her to even think of a man like Rokesmith.
  • With that all said, Bella confesses to her father that she thinks money is ruining Mr. Boffin, who used to be such a kind and innocent man.
  • Bella knows that money is making her a worse person, too. But she can't help it. She just wants more and more of it.

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