Study Guide

Out of Africa Part 3, Chapter 7

By Isak Dinesen

Part 3, Chapter 7

The Noble Pioneer

  • Berkeley Cole and Denys Finch-Hatton treat the Baroness' house like it's their own, taking things they want or need and bringing other things, too.
  • Her friends are very popular and well-liked but somehow loners anyway. They are both English, and the Baroness has the theory that they are from another era, from the 17th century.
  • Berkeley's servant Jama's tribe is at war with Farah's tribe, so there is always friction when they are both serving the table during Berkeley's visits.
  • Mr. Cole is obsessed with the sea and buys a couple ships' lanterns to hang at the farm, and he and the Baroness devise a system of signals in code using the lights.
  • Berkeley is pals with the Masai people and, when the English government decides to give them some medals after the First World War for their service, Berkeley is in charge of the ceremony, which takes place on the farm.
  • Later on Berkeley gets sick and comes to stay at the farm right before the Baroness goes on a trip to Europe, and she offers to stay home to be with him. He refuses because he doesn't want to take doctor's orders to stay in bed for a month.
  • While she's on her voyage, Berkeley dies and, according to the Baroness, the whole mood of the country changes.