Study Guide

Out of Africa Part 3, Chapter 8

By Isak Dinesen

Part 3, Chapter 8


  • Denys Finch-Hatton lives at the farm whenever he's not out on a safari, and he and Baroness Blixen have good luck killing lions.
  • One New Year's morning they drive across he highlands to try to get a message to a friend, and come across a dead giraffe with a lion eating it. Denys shoots it.
  • On their way home, they see another lion at the same spot, shoot him, and Denys and his servant, Kanuthia, skin both lions.
  • Another time the Baroness' manager, Mr. Nichols, asks for poison to kill a lion that's been lurking around, but she doesn't like the idea.
  • She and Denys go out in the night looking for a lion, and hear the growl.
  • Denys shoots it while the Baroness shines the light for him to see what he's shooting at, and kills it. She is so nervous that she shakes the spotlight when she has to shine it on yet another lion, which Denys also kills.
  • The Baroness' favorite thing to do with Denys is fly over Africa in his little plane. He flies her to Lake Natron, where they have lunch, and show the plane to a group of Masai warriors. Afterward they fly to Naivasha, another town, to see some friends.
  • Sometimes they go on short flights over the Ngong Hills near the farm. One day they scare a herd of buffalo, which sounds like a lot of fun. Another time they fly next to some eagles.
  • One time an old Kikuyu the Baroness calls Ndwetti asks them if they get high up enough to see God when they fly, and they say, no, and that they don't know whether they ever will.
  • Ndwetti says he doesn't know why they fly then.