Study Guide

Out of Africa Part 5, Chapter 1

By Isak Dinesen

Part 5, Chapter 1

Hard Times

  • Part 5 is called "Farewell to the Farm." Aww, that's a sad goodbye.
  • The farm isn't doing so well, and the Baroness starts to get really short on dough. She tries growing flax, but it doesn't go so well, either.
  • She's broke, and starts to feel bad for all the workers who depend on the farm and her.
  • A plague of grasshoppers come and eat up everything that they can.
  • The Baroness must sell the farm to a company in Nairobi that wants to sell the land for building when the city expands.
  • She has to finish out the last growing season to sell the crop to the old owners of the farm, which is helpful for her denial of the fact that she has to leave Africa.