Study Guide

Out of Africa Part 5, Chapter 3

By Isak Dinesen

Part 5, Chapter 3

The Grave in the Hills

  • Denys Finch-Hatton tries to cheer up the Baroness as she is getting ready to leave.
  • He is going to check out his new home in Takaunga and she wants to fly with him, but he won't let her because it's so rough. He says he'll come back on Thursday for lunch.
  • In Mombasa, Denys breaks a propeller and has it repaired. The boy who works for the Airways refuses to come up with Denys afterward, so he makes his own servant, who is terrified of flying, go with him.
  • On Thursday, Denys doesn't show, and the Baroness starts to get nervous. She gets the news that Denys has capsized and been killed in the crash.
  • Denys had already picked out his gravesite on the farm, so the Baroness and Gustav Mohr, a neighbor farmer, dig it. The body is brought in, and friends come to the funeral.
  • People use the gravesite as a sort of a park or place to just sit, and even a lion and lioness start chilling there.