Study Guide

Out of Africa Visions of Kenya

By Isak Dinesen

Visions of Kenya

Well, let's start with the title: Out of Africa. That is a great clue that we're going to get our fill of visions of the African continent. In particular, the book is a memoir of the author's life in Kenya, a.k.a. British East Africa.

Rather than being driven by a juicy plot, the book often reads more like a textbook. Long paragraphs describing the African landscape, detailed descriptions of native customs, and the nitty gritty on everyday life on a Kenyan farm: these are what make this book tick.

Questions About Visions of Kenya

  1. Which character(s) represent(s) Kenya best for the narrator?
  2. What does the book show as being really special about Kenya? What does Kenya have that no other country has?
  3. When the narrator finally has to leave her farm, how does she hold on to her life in Africa?
  4. Why is it important for Dinesen to get down her visions of Kenya in a book?

Chew on This

Dinsen offers a very subjective vision of Kenya, its inhabitants, and their customs.

Out of Africa is an objective view of the geography, culture, and history of Kenya.