Study Guide

Out of the Dust Chapter 106

By Karen Hesse

Chapter 106

My Life, or What I Told Louise After the Tenth Time She Came to Dinner

  • Whoa—that title's a mouthful, right? It's good, though, that Billie Jo is warming up to Louise enough to tell her the serious stuff.
  • Billie Jo tells her about Ma, relating how important the piano was to her and her love of apples and wildflowers. We also learn some pretty revealing details about how Louise has changed Daddy—he's taken down his wedding picture with Ma and helped Billie Jo tear the pages of Ma's poetry book to mark her favorite pieces.
  • When Billie Jo left home, she explains, she was looking for the completeness and happiness she didn't think she had. But now she knows there really is no place like home.
  • While she isn't quite ready to do it, Billie Jo reveals that her hands have improved so much that she could probably play piano if she wanted to. She respects Louise for listening to her story and not interjecting her opinions or judgments about any of it.