Study Guide

Out of the Dust Chapter 111

By Karen Hesse

Chapter 111

Finding a Way

  • The hard times we've seen throughout Billie Jo's journey have only strengthened her and Daddy and changed them for the better. Daddy, in particular, has become more open-minded about farming practices. Because the tractor's no good anymore, Daddy uses the second mule Louise got him as an engagement gift and begins plowing the fields by hand—he even decides to try planting a variety of crops, just as Ma suggested.
  • Billie Jo has grown closer to Louise and can't wait for the day when she and Daddy get married. She loves Louise's humor and the place she's finding in the family, even putting a bowl of apples on the shelf as a tribute to Ma. Billie Jo often spends evenings playing piano while Louise and Daddy clean up the kitchen.