Study Guide

Out of the Dust Chapter 2

By Karen Hesse

Chapter 2

Rabbit Battles

  • An infestation of starved and rapidly multiplying rabbits has descended on Cimarron County, tearing apart the remaining crops of two local farmers, Mr. Noble and Mr. Romney. In response, they declare war on Thumper and his friends through a bet to see who can kill the most bunnies. PETA's not gonna like this oneā€¦
  • Miss Freeland, Billie Jo's teacher, explains that the rabbits are only trying to survive and that the farmers have plowed away the grass they naturally eat.
  • Mr. Romney accuses Mr. Noble of cheating in the War on Thumper and there's no end in sight for the contest. They donate the poor, slaughtered bunnies to poor families who need food.