Study Guide

Out of the Dust Chapter 26

By Karen Hesse

Chapter 26

Dust and Rain

  • Another dust storm makes an appearance, and this one super irritates Billie Jo's eyes and nose. Making matters worse, when it's over, rain comes—but not the good kind. This is the hard, fast, pelting kind that washes things away rather than nourishing the damaged soil. Ugh.
  • When it's over, almost nothing is left of Daddy's planting—he's faced with the choice of giving up or starting over, and both seem impossible.
  • Another family, the Strongs, got no rain at all, and Billie Jo wonders if they actually got the better end of the deal.
  • The storm also knocks several of Ma's green ball apples off the tree, but she and Billie Jo are thankful there will still be enough left to harvest.