Study Guide

Out of the Dust Chapter 28

By Karen Hesse

Chapter 28

On the Road with Arley

  • Move over, Katy Perry, because Billie Jo is going on tour. Our favorite long-legged farm girl is really on the move. Getting Ma to let her go was a little challenging, but the thought of extra money and Arley's compliment that he'd ask her instead if she weren't pregnant helped to grease the wheels.
  • Billie Jo travels with Arley, his wife, Vera, and the Black Mesa Boys throughout the Oklahoma panhandle region; she plays a set of songs that all have the word baby in the title.
  • Arley pays dimes for Billie Jo's performances, which Ma puts away in a secret place so she has money for college. This doesn't seem to bother Billie Jo because she loves playing music too much to care about the money—traveling with the band and being around talented musicians helps her forget about all the hard times back home.