Study Guide

Out of the Dust Chapter 69

By Karen Hesse

Chapter 69

The Competition

  • It's the night of the competition, and all the Palace Theater needs is Randy Jackson and a news crew to make it the American Idol finale. Seriously, the place is packed—there's an acrobat, a clarinetist, a couple of family acts, and of course, Mad Dog Craddock. The entertainment is varied and widespread.
  • Billie Jo nervously watches the show from the wings until it's her turn to go on in the middle of the list of performers.
  • To hear her tell it, she gets off to kind of a rocky start, but eventually forgets she is performing—her talent begins to pour out of her again.
  • When it's time to announce the winner, Billie Jo comes in third place. It looks like somebody got her groove back.
  • One of the contestants claims that she should have won a prize instead, and says that Billie Jo only won because the judges felt sorry for her.
  • Billie Jo ignores her though, and enjoys the thrill of winning something, while trying to ignore the pain streaking up her arms—her father has to hold her prize and ribbon because her hands hurt too much.