Study Guide

Out of the Dust Chapter 94

By Karen Hesse

Chapter 94


  • Just when we thought there were enough babies in this story, somebody abandons one on the church front steps. Although the entire town adopts it in the sense of giving it gifts and food, Billie Jo wants to actually adopt it for real.
  • Her dad tells her they can't give the baby anything that other families in the community can, not even a mother. To make up for his harsh tone though, he tells her she can donate the box of baby clothes Ma was making for Franklin.
  • Inside one of them, Billie Jo finds the dimes from her performances that Ma had been saving for her to go to school for music. She decides there's no point in using them for that since she doesn't play anymore. (Notice that we said doesn't, as opposed to can't.)
  • She takes the box of clothes to the church, then sits at the piano when she gets home, imagining the song she'd write for her baby brother if she still played.