Study Guide

Outlander Tough-o-Meter

By Diana Gabaldon


(5) Tree Line

When you pick up Outlander, you'll probably build a bit of muscle mass along with entertaining your brain for a few hours… days… weeks… Yeah, it's a long book, no matter how fast you read. The good news is that it has a fast-paced plot with fairly simple language, especially from Claire, our conscientious narrator.

The most challenging part of the book, besides trying not to die of infection in a time period that doesn't believe in hand washing, is reading the Scottish dialect that permeates the story. But don't worry: Diana Gabaldon is a master of dialect, and all you have to do is read what she puts on the page. For a boost, try reading a few of Jamie's lines out loud so you can hear them. The worst that can happen is someone will think you're auditioning to be Scrooge McDuck in a new DuckTales cartoon.