Study Guide

The Duke of Sandringham in Outlander

By Diana Gabaldon

The Duke of Sandringham

Duke of Earl… no, Sandwich… no, Sandringham

The Duke of Sandringham only appears in one chapter, although we hear about him at the beginning, specifically that he's a presumed Jacobite and employing Jonathan Randall in some capacity. As a result of this foreshadowing, Claire (and the readers) thinks that he's going to be a villain.

So when she encounters this "bluff, hearty, red-faced sportsman" (24.586), she's surprised to find that she likes him. Sure, he's a sodomite who tried to take advantage of Jamie when he was young, but he's also friendly, not predatory like Jonathan Randall. He amiably flirts with Jamie, but not in a way that puts his life—or his virtue—in danger. We have to wonder if this man, and his sketchy politics, will come into play in later books in the series.